Tiffany Jo has raised thousands of dollars for the Red Cross, the United Way and the MDA. She wanted to start her own charity and her goal was to bring “fun” to children. Tiffany’s Kids soon became a reality!

Borders Music Stores and Funtasticks Amusement Parks were ready to jump on board. She donates a portion of each CD sold. She personally buys all the passes and hand delivers them to military bases so children who have parents deployed to the Middle East can enjoy a free afternoon of fun.

Tiffany’s Kids has already made it possible for over 1000 military kids to go to amusement parks and fairs for free.

In addition, private donations and corporate involvement with tickets for military children have taken her current donations to over $4,000.

Tiffany Jo has raised money for The Veterans Hospital, The Aspen Fire Victims and the Tucson Medical Center Children’s Ward.

Letter of thanks from the
Commander of
Davis Monthan AFB,
Colonel Stuzriem


A very special “thank you” goes out  to

TC-Helicon and Voice Council Magazine

for their generous donation to my charity!

Now you can make a donation  online to Tiffany’s Charity in any amount you wish with an e-check or credit card. It’s safe and secure.

If you prefer to make donate by mail, please do not push the “DONATE” button;
instead, send money order or check payable to:

Tiffany Jo!
Tiffany’s Kids
P.O. Box 36503
Tucson, Arizona 85704