The Vocalist on YouTube

October 2, 2010 by Keith  
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With over 27 million YouTube Hits and over 100,000 subscribers, vocalists may want to know what Tiffany Jo Allen has to say about using YouTube:

Some of the most frequent questions I get are from people who want to know about the “high-tech” devices I am using.∗

Well, I have been using a very old camera with the inexpensive external microphone that was included in the package.

I’m sure I will be updating this equipment (especially as the camera has started to lose its focus!) but it has served me well.

I say this because I don’t want vocalists to think there are insurmountable technical obstacles that have to be overcome in order to share their art on YouTube.

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Where do the stars really shine?

October 1, 2010 by Tiffany Jo Allen  
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Sorting out the entertainment mire on the web is way too much work

While recently asked by a reporter what her dreams are, she said, “My dream is that I put on the best show for my fans tonight that I’ve ever done. My dreams are coming true……one fan at a time.”

It’s a common misnomer that everyone in the world surfs for entertainment on YouTube. I personally know at least three people who don’t and rumor has it that there might be more hiding someplace. However if you do go there then you will find something for everyone, and a whole lot more that defies description. If you’re looking for a great time in front of your computer, and have some free time, then you would be right to, get some snacks, sit down, log on, and go for the ride. YouTube and its video sharing comrades across the web have made it possible for us as consumers to look into every genre of entertainment from music to gaming, and way beyond. What a great way to discover new and upcoming artists getting ready to climb into the main stream. This new approach has the kind of aura of the good old saying “I knew them when”. We can become friends with anyone and any style of music. From the young teen “girl with guitar” types to the full blown and, sometimes over produced, burgeoning rock band. Surfing on the queen of video sites the other day I found a lot of stuff that I never wanted to see in a million years, however one such young performer left me standing dead in my tracks!

It was while I was roaming around in the seemingly endless world that a video suggestion pops up on my home page. Nothing new considering all these things are supposed to be helpful, but in most cases You Tube’s recommendations for me are neither helpful nor even remotely interesting. I was in the mood for a little internet roulette so I gave a go and just clicked one of the links that I thought looked interesting.
Low and behold a first! This time they were right and it paid me back in spades. What I was rewarded with was music, and a visual that just blew me away. Not to say that is was overly complicated and stuffed full of fancy effects, it was exactly the opposite.
I turned up my speakers to find that I had found the amazing young singer/songwriter Tiffany Jo Allen. To say that this young girl has talent is an understatement. Her unique vocal abilities combined with very solid guitar chops were just what I was looking for, and I didn’t even know it. Tiffany Jo Allen has a created a fresh hip sound wrapped around the country rock genre with just a hint of some of our most favorite pop stars. Like a sweet ice cream sundae with just the right toppings Tiffany Jo Allen’s music style leaves you completely satisfied and yet still wanting more.

According to her web site, a new CD is coming Spring 2011. Rumor has it there is even a possible nationwide tour in the works. This young performer is rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with by the music consuming masses. I clicked the site link to check out more and was amazed at how much this girl has already done in her life! With 3 CD’s under her belt and a new CD on the way this singer is a busy girl. According to the web site she has been performing since age six, won lots of awards, and has already had a number one song on the Nashville charts. That’s a lot for 18 years old and I without a doubt it is only the beginning for Tiffany Jo Allen.

- Eric Baird- ACTS Entertainment News Network 2010

Tiffany Jo — Yodeling & Singing TV interview

September 30, 2010 by Keith  
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KVOA interview with Tiffany about her singing and yodeling experiences. Great interview and really shines light on Tiffany’s roots.

Tiffany Jo’s T-shirt Contest!

September 3, 2010 by Tiffany Jo Allen  
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